Never drive a car with radiator damage. The temperature control can mis-read as cool, even if it has over heated. It's best to tow safely to a Dyno Tune specialist or call for advice on how best to manage the vehicle from the location you are in.

Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to help you with any radiator problems.

radiator keeps a vehicle’s engine cool, preventing it from overheating and seizing. If anything goes wrong with the radiator itself, such as a leak or broken hose, the operating temperature of the car can reach a dangerous level within minutes. The engine must be allowed to cool down naturally, and we recommend the vehicle is not driven until it has been attended to by a mechanic.  Contact Dyno Tune directly for further advice should you be concerned about your radiator or engine temperature.

If a vehicle is driven while it has radiator damage, your risk terminal engine damage.

Dyno Tune can repair your existing radiator or supply new radiators to suit any make and model.