Welcome to Dyno Tune

Owned and managed by Scott Butters for the past 12 years, but operating in Canberra for the last 40 years, Dyno Tune Belconnen is a one-stop-shop for your vehicle. Although our name indicates work with performance vehicles, our primary focus is car servicing, maintenance and repairs. We pride ourselves on providing extremely thorough but totally affordable car servicing, and thanks to having a “Dyno” on site we can also assist with any tune-related issues. In addition to this we have very experienced staff who can specialising in hard-to-diagnose problems.

Our proximity to the Belconnen Town Centre makes it possible to drop your car off and stroll down to work, and we always strive to have your car ready the same day should it need any repairs.

At Dyno Tune Belconnen we are honest, reliable and professional. If you are having any problems with your car, or, you’re just not satisfied (or think you were overcharged!) with your last car service, please call us and give us the opportunity to help.

Dynotune is a one stop shop for all your vehicle needs:

  • New car servicing
  • General servicing & repairs
  • Tyre & wheel alignment
  • Brakes & clutches
  • Steering & suspension
  • Batteries
  • Radiators
  • Auto electrical
  • Air conditioning
  • Diagnostics