Brakes & Clutches

If you experience any of the problems listed below your vehicle is at risk of causing a serious accident. Don’t put yourself or your family in danger, seek advice immediately.

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It’s recommended you have brake & clutch checked every 3 months. Talk to our technicians about checking your brakes and clutch.

Brakes and clutches are a vital part of any vehicle. There are a number of tell tale signs to indicate any problems with your brake or clutch, however, often by the time it is evident, repair costs are higher. It is important to have regular checks to keep your brakes and clutch in good order and keep your vehicle occupants safe.


If your car shows signs of brake shudder, excessive brake dust or uneven brake pad wear, you could have major problems with your vehicle

  • Vibrations found in the steering wheel, brake pedal or the entire vehicle can be caused by the disc rotor surface being scored, loose brake components or faulty steering components.
  • Hard or low (soft) brake pedal could mean restricted brake lines, seized calipers or wheel cylinders, or damaged brake linings. Soft brake pedal indicates adjustment required or more serious problems.
  • Brake grab is a sign of contamination of the braking surface or a component getting ready to fail – usually in an extreme braking situation.
  • Pulling to one side when braking, could mean; low tyre pressure, seized callipers or brake adjustment required. Drag is caused by your brakes failing to release, which leads to poor economy and eventually brake failure.
  • Excessive squeaking, grinding or chatter requires attention. Correct fitment procedure by experienced brake technicians is paramount in eliminating these noises.


If you car is suffering from any of the following, you may need to repair or replace your clutch

  • Difficult gear selection or the clutch won’t release
  • Shudders or a juddery clutch
  • Clutch drag and/or vibration to clutch pedal
  • Any clutch noises or rattles
  • Slipping Clutch

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