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If you have a gremlin in your vehicle, 9 out of 10 times, it is an auto electrical problem. Have your auto electrics checked regularly to avoid any frustrating electrical problems

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Our qualified technicians are specifically trained to use the very latest technical equipment to detect any faults and bugs found in your vehicles electrical systems. 90% of gremlins found in vehicles end up being electrical problems. These auto electrical faults include CAM & crank senosors, 02 sensors, air flow meter & Electronic Control Unit.

Once a proper diagnosis has been made, our auto electricians will write up an accurate pricing quote before the commencement of any work. This ensures that any costs of of the repair are fully disclosed to the customer before any work starts.

We cover items such as radios, mp3 players, custom lights, central locking, power windows and many other electrical accessories.

Exchange starters and alternators are available.

  • Rebuilding service available.
  • All units have a minimum 12 months 20,000km Australia wide warranty through the Bosch dealer network.

we are honest, reliable and professional

Be it a comprehensive vehicle overhaul, fixing a specific problem or a regular service, Dyno Tune will provide you with the same uncompromising levels of excellence every time.
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