Air conditioning

To keep your air conditioning performing, keep using it—if not used regularly, gasses can leak causing the system to cut out , and may lead to expensive repairs being required.

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It’s recommended you have your air conditioning check every 12 months. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to have your air conditioning serviced.

These days, we tend to use air conditioning across all seasons. Without it, we often struggle. Whether it be to de-mist the windscreen or just to stay cool, it’s a feature we’ve grown accustomed to.

Dyno Tune can convert ozone depleting R12 gas to manufacturers recommended R134A ozone friendly gas. We don’t blend any form of gases.

  • System flush, before conversions, using pro-em flushing system to remove old oil and contaminants.
  • Dyno Tune is a member of the Australasian
  • VASA air conditioning association.
  • Existing systems serviced
  • Tracer dye is used with every service for ease of slow leak detection using ultra violet lamp.
  • New systems can be supplied and fitted

We are fully Licenced with the Australian Refrigeration Council – Licence number AU3465.

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Be it a comprehensive vehicle overhaul, fixing a specific problem or a regular service, Dyno Tune will provide you with the same uncompromising levels of excellence every time.
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