Steering & suspension


Don't wait until your steering and suspension has problems. It is important to have both checked every 3 months. Book for this service in advance—the same time you check your brakes and clutch. Our friendly team will send you a courtesy reminder, a couple of days prior.

It’s recommended you have steering and suspension checked every 3 months. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to book your next steering and suspension check.

Just about all modern vehicles have power steering, it is important to remember that to prevent premature failure due to the breakdown and contamination of power steering fluid, power steering systems need to have a regularly service. Dyno Tune has a fast and complete power steering system service with up-to-date power steering flushing and servicing equipment.

When it comes to Suspension, you cannot afford to compromise, as your safety depends upon it. Whatever vehicle you drive, from a family vehicle, SUV’s and 4×4’s to performance track cars, we can help you with all your suspension requirements.