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Auto electrical

Our qualified technicians are specifically trained to use the very latest technical equipment to detect any faults and bugs found in your vehicles electrical systems.

Air conditioning

It’s recommended you have your air conditioning check every 12 months. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to have your air conditioning serviced.


It’s recommended you use quality batteries. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to talk about the battery that best suits your vehicle.

Brakes & clutches

It’s recommended you have brake & clutch checked every 3 months. Talk to our technicians about checking your brakes and clutch.


If you are unsure whether your vehicle is suffering from a distributor problem just give Dyno Tune a call


With a professional diagnostic check you can be assured that all areas of your vehicle are covered and assessed.

Dynamometer & Tuning

To prevent unnecessary repair cost due to tuning problems, ask our technicians about Dyno Tune.

Electronic Fuel Injection & Carburettors

Don’t leave fuel injection problems until it’s too late

Exhaust systems

If you experience exhaust problems, call your friendly Dyno Tune specialists to discuss how they can assist you.

General servicing & repairs

Regular car servicing will eliminate undue vehicle stress that could lead to inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs.

New car servicing

Servicing your new vehicle regularly is critical to ensure optimum running performance and longevity of your engine.


When purchasing parts for your performance vehicle we recommend using quality, reputable parts.


Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to help you with any radiator problems. A radiator keeps a vehicle’s engine cool, preventing it from overheating and seizing.

Steering & suspension

It’s recommended you have steering and suspension checked every 3 months. Call us to book your next steering and suspension check.

Tyre & wheel alignment

It’s recommended you have a wheel alignment every 12 months. Talk to our technicians about your next tyre & wheel alignment.

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Be it a comprehensive vehicle overhaul, fixing a specific problem or a regular service, Dyno Tune will provide you with the same uncompromising levels of excellence every time.
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