Exhaust systems


It’s common to think that exhaust leaks are just a source of irritating noise, however it can affect performance, fuel economy and emissions that are harmful to the vehicle's occupants. If left unattended or not replaced properly it can cause a build up of fuel creating further major and costly damage.

Dyno Tune recommend that you check your exhaust at every 5,000 km service. If you experience exhaust problems, call your friendly Dyno Tune specialists to discuss how they can assist you.

A car’s exhaust system is responsible for transporting the burned exhaust, or combustion gases from its engine and out the tail pipe.

Exhausts that leak or have a blocked catalitic convertor can create further serious problems. Some of the problems are loss of power, poor engine performance and heavier fuel load. However the issues related to damaged exhausts vary depending on size, location and the type of fuel injection system.