Electronic Fuel Injection & Carburettors


Is your car suffering from excessive fuel usage, lack of power, hard to start, backfiring or stalling? These are symptoms that require immediate attention. Contact Dyno Tune for a Check and Report!

Don’t leave fuel injection problems until it’s too late, not diagnosing these problems can lead to further damage to your vehicle (and many further costs).

Electronic Fuel Injection

Dyno Tune can repair anything from Carburettors to highly technical Fuel Injection problems. We run diagnostics to identify and repair faulty components like fuel pumps, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, or even just a fuel filter.

We offer petrol injector bench flow and cleaning in an ultra sonic bath. On car decarbonising and injector cleaning is also available.

Dyno Tune has a good range of spares including EFI fuel pumps to suit most vehicles.


Exchange carburettors are available as well as a comprehensive range of parts including Weber and Holley jets.

Carburettor overhauling and servicing is carried out at all of our Dyno Tune service centers