A complete diagnostics check will pick up any hidden faults with your vehicle

Ask your Dyno Tune specialist about diagnostics on your vehicle

An extensive range of testing equipment is available to our trained technicians for tuning your vehicle or diagnosing a particular problem. With a professional diagnostic check you can be assured that all areas of your vehicle are covered and assessed.

This equipment includes

  • Dyno dynamics dynamometer
  • Bosch tunescope and four gas analyser
  • Hi scan data scanner
  • Coda interface software and flow gauge
  • Electrajet diagnostic software and tester
  • Hi speed air fuel ratio meter
New car servicing

Maintain your new car warranty when servicing your vehicle with Dyno Tune. Regular servicing prevents oil turning to sludge, reducing the life of your engine. Running costs are also reduced, due to a cleaner more efficient engine.

It’s recommended you service your vehicle every 5,000km. Talk to our technicians about your next vehicle service.

Servicing your new vehicle regularly is critical to ensure optimum running performance, efficient running costs and longevity of your engine.

Did you know that franchise dealers do not have a monopoly on “Log Book” service with new car warranty servicing.

Dyno Tune offers expert services at competitive prices that will NOT void your statutory warranty. Most dealers won’t mention that your new car does NOT need to be serviced by them to maintain statutory warranty.

Facts about your new car’s statutory warranty:

  • A Dyno Tune service will NOT void your statutory warranty
  • Dyno Tune follow all the strict procedures recommended by your vehicles manufacturer
  • Dyno Tune has the latest diagnostic techniques specifically designed for newly released cars.
  • Our service technicians are in continual training to stay up-to-date with modern vehicle technology.
  • Dyno Tune only uses suitable qualified parts and equipment on all servicing.
  • Dyno Tune discuss and explain all work required for your service before hand, so there are no surprises on final billing.
  • Dyno Tune will give your vehicle handbook the stamp of approval.

When your service is finished, we will stamp your vehicles handbook as a record of regular maintenance. This can be very important when it comes to getting a higher resale value for your vehicle

General servicing & repairs

Time flies. Don't wait until your next service is due to make your booking. Estimate your next service date and pre-book. Our friendly team will send you a courtesy reminder, a couple of days prior.

It’s recommended you service your vehicle every 5,000km. Talk to our technicians about your next vehicle service.

Regular car servicing will eliminate undue vehicle stress that could lead to inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs. A clean engine through regular servicing, will increase the life of your vehicle and reduce running costs.

Our general vehicle service includes:

  • Changing oil and oil filter using quality Australian Penrite oil.
  • Removal of wheels and checking brakes.
  • Checking tyre condition and pressure.
  • Checking all fluid levels i.e. radiator, battery, brake and clutch fluids, gear box and diff oil levels.
  • Check all lights and wipers for correct operation.
  • Under body inspection.

General Repairs

All general repairs are carried out at all Dyno Tune outlets. This includes brake and clutch repairs, cam belt replacement, exchange engines supplied and fitted.

Dyno Tune also do pre-purchase vehicle inspections— an important decision making process to vehicle purchasing. Many faults are not always obvious with a test drive or visible when looking at the engine.

Tyre & wheel alignment

Check tyre air pressure regularly. This will help protect your tyres from further wear and tear. If you experience pulling or vibrations, call a Dyno Tune expert for immediate advice

It’s recommended you have a wheel alignment every 12 months. Talk to our technicians about your next tyre & wheel alignment.

Many steering or handling problems can be corrected by a wheel alignment – it is essential for all the system components to be properly aligned, that way road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a much smoother ride.

If you experience any of these problems, you may require a tyre and/or wheel alignment:

  • Your car pulls to one side
  • The tyres are worn excessively or are uneven
  • The steering wheel vibrates and you need to constantly keep re-adjusting the steering wheel to travel straight
Brakes & clutches

If you experience any of the problems listed below your vehicle is at risk of causing a serious accident. Don't put yourself or your family in danger, seek advice immediately.

It’s recommended you have brake & clutch checked every 3 months. Talk to our technicians about checking your brakes and clutch.

Brakes and clutches are a vital part of any vehicle. There are a number of tell tale signs to indicate any problems with your brake or clutch, however, often by the time it is evident, repair costs are higher. It is important to have regular checks to keep your brakes and clutch in good order and keep your vehicle occupants safe.


If your car shows signs of brake shudder, excessive brake dust or uneven brake pad wear, you could have major problems with your vehicle

  • Vibrations found in the steering wheel, brake pedal or the entire vehicle can be caused by the disc rotor surface being scored, loose brake components or faulty steering components.
  • Hard or low (soft) brake pedal could mean restricted brake lines, seized calipers or wheel cylinders, or damaged brake linings. Soft brake pedal indicates adjustment required or more serious problems.
  • Brake grab is a sign of contamination of the braking surface or a component getting ready to fail – usually in an extreme braking situation.
  • Pulling to one side when braking, could mean; low tyre pressure, seized callipers or brake adjustment required. Drag is caused by your brakes failing to release, which leads to poor economy and eventually brake failure.
  • Excessive squeaking, grinding or chatter requires attention. Correct fitment procedure by experienced brake technicians is paramount in eliminating these noises.


If you car is suffering from any of the following, you may need to repair or replace your clutch

  • Difficult gear selection or the clutch won’t release
  • Shudders or a juddery clutch
  • Clutch drag and/or vibration to clutch pedal
  • Any clutch noises or rattles
  • Slipping Clutch
Steering & suspension

Don't wait until your steering and suspension has problems. It is important to have both checked every 3 months. Book for this service in advance—the same time you check your brakes and clutch. Our friendly team will send you a courtesy reminder, a couple of days prior.

It’s recommended you have steering and suspension checked every 3 months. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to book your next steering and suspension check.

Just about all modern vehicles have power steering, it is important to remember that to prevent premature failure due to the breakdown and contamination of power steering fluid, power steering systems need to have a regularly service. Dyno Tune has a fast and complete power steering system service with up-to-date power steering flushing and servicing equipment.

When it comes to Suspension, you cannot afford to compromise, as your safety depends upon it. Whatever vehicle you drive, from a family vehicle, SUV’s and 4×4’s to performance track cars, we can help you with all your suspension requirements.


If your car is slow to turn over in the morning, or is not starting at all, it might be time to replace your battery. Drop in to Dyno Tune and we can test your battery on the spot, and if necessary, install a new battery while you wait.

It’s recommended you use quality batteries. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to talk about the battery that best suits your vehicle.

At Dyno Tune, we can supply the right battery for every car, whether it be Australian made, Japanese, European or a high performance vehicle.  The right choice can make a big difference to your vehicle.

We supply a range of quality Bosch batteries including;

  • Rocket range (24 month warranty)
  • Bosch gold maintenance free (24 month warranty).

We offer a free testing, fitting and charging system testing while you wait.


Never drive a car with radiator damage. The temperature control can mis-read as cool, even if it has over heated. It's best to tow safely to a Dyno Tune specialist or call for advice on how best to manage the vehicle from the location you are in.

Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to help you with any radiator problems.

radiator keeps a vehicle’s engine cool, preventing it from overheating and seizing. If anything goes wrong with the radiator itself, such as a leak or broken hose, the operating temperature of the car can reach a dangerous level within minutes. The engine must be allowed to cool down naturally, and we recommend the vehicle is not driven until it has been attended to by a mechanic.  Contact Dyno Tune directly for further advice should you be concerned about your radiator or engine temperature.

If a vehicle is driven while it has radiator damage, your risk terminal engine damage.

Dyno Tune can repair your existing radiator or supply new radiators to suit any make and model.

Auto electrical

If you have a gremlin in your vehicle, 9 out of 10 times, it is an auto electrical problem. Have your auto electrics checked regularly to avoid any frustrating electrical problems

Talk to our Dyno Tune specialists to book in for an Auto electrical check on your vehicle.

Our qualified technicians are specifically trained to use the very latest technical equipment to detect any faults and bugs found in your vehicles electrical systems. 90% of gremlins found in vehicles end up being electrical problems. These auto electrical faults include CAM & crank senosors, 02 sensors, air flow meter & Electronic Control Unit.

Once a proper diagnosis has been made, our auto electricians will write up an accurate pricing quote before the commencement of any work. This ensures that any costs of of the repair are fully disclosed to the customer before any work starts.

We cover items such as radios, mp3 players, custom lights, central locking, power windows and many other electrical accessories.

Exchange starters and alternators are available.

  • Rebuilding service available.
  • All units have a minimum 12 months 20,000km Australia wide warranty through the Bosch dealer network.
Air conditioning

To keep your air conditioning performing, keep using it—if not used regularly, gasses can leak causing the system to cut out , and may lead to expensive repairs being required.

It’s recommended you have your air conditioning check every 12 months. Call our friendly Dyno Tune specialists to have your air conditioning serviced.

These days, we tend to use air conditioning across all seasons. Without it, we often struggle. Whether it be to de-mist the windscreen or just to stay cool, it’s a feature we’ve grown accustomed to.

Dyno Tune can convert ozone depleting R12 gas to manufacturers recommended R134A ozone friendly gas. We don’t blend any form of gases.

  • System flush, before conversions, using pro-em flushing system to remove old oil and contaminants.
  • Dyno Tune is a member of the Australasian VASA air conditioning association.
  • Existing systems serviced
  • Tracer dye is used with every service for ease of slow leak detection using ultra violet lamp.
  • New systems can be supplied and fitted

We are fully Licenced with the Australian Refrigeration Council – Licence number AU3465.